About Us

About Us

AT Century Foundation Repair Company we specialize in all foundation and retaining wall services and remodeling services like kitchens, bathrooms, additions and more we are fully licensed bonded an insured general contractors located in Magnolia, TX. we have done thousands of project through the years and satisfied many homeowners, we'd like you to be another satisfied customer so don't hesitate to contact us.

Century Foundation Repair Company has been established in 1963 as a 1 crew show, from now to today we have 80+ crews in the field and very high percentage of satisfaction, Give us a try we offer free in home estimates. Our mission is to satisfy all of our clients with our services, and we think it's already a successful goal. Throughout the years, most of our customers come from the recommendations of happy clients. We provide high-quality services with warranty for quality. Over the years, we have never received a single complaint, which couldn't be fixed in a timely manner without any payment Our excellent rating with Google, Yelp, Better Business Bureau shows that we stand behind what we offer. We are known for our outstanding work ethic and hardworking crew. In fact, every worker of our company goes through different pieces of training and certifications before starting the real work. This gives us the opportunity to choose between the best, which increases the quality we can offer.


Level slab foundations with drilled piers to stable soil. Level pier & beam foundations. Install deep subsurface drains to eliminate heaves. Repair Brick cracks with compaction grout. We give a engineers certification that this foundation has been repaired and repaired correctly. This foundation is ready for resale.


Established in 1963. I was in my very early 20s and a small hospital in Houston was adding a wing on there hospital and I was doing some design work for the doctor. One day the hospital superintendent came to me and said we are scraping these designs because the wing we are adding on to is so in level we can’t even get into the end rooms. So we are scraping the add on. I told him I could level the wing so we could do the add on. The dr called me to his office ask could I do it as I had leveled several pumping stations I told him sure but he had to give me some money for equip. This is a long story but I leveled the wing and the add on was put in place. From there I did the drs home most of the hospitals employees. At that time there only about five foundation companies in Houston now there are hundreds all been in business for hundred years wonder where they were when I started. There was old Houston house leveling, Taylor foundation , Triple A foundation and of course the original olshan not the one now

I started Century foundation in 1963 but I had been doing foundation repair work for years for my dad who contracted for Texaco. When I started on my own there were strict fha specs for resale by fha. I loved doing fha jobs because there was lots of work as no one else wanted to do fha because of their strict inspections. All you had to do was follow fha specs and they were approved and you got paid. I helped write specs with one of fha’s chief architect. Would say name but might not should. There were basically no specs for repair pier & beam foundations but after a few conversations with fha architectural dept there were specs written. I ran my business as fair and honest as I could through the years met all real estate agents engineers etc. There are allot of people out there now being bitten by the dog and pony shows going on right now. Always remember one major thing if you remember nothing else remember this your slab was not poured perfectly level to begin this so compu levels??